Since the first iPhone in 2008, I build mobile applications. I worked for years in IT services and editors on different platforms (mobile and backend). But I decided to focus on iOS. So that I can develop a true expertise on it.

Honesty and Transparency

Honesty and transparence are not just keywords. It’s the inner values of Simplicity. They define how I consider my work.


Sinplicity only sells iOS development. The other aspects of a project (Android, Design, Web … ) are made by my partners. So, I can completely focus on what I do the best.

My partners are people who I’m used to working with. Our collaboration is made in total transparency, they are not shadow subcontractors.

Past projects

Here are some of my recent projects. They are not all presented here. If you want to know more (or just talk about it): feel free to contact me.

  • Pilot

    The Pilot translating earpiece translates between people speaking different languages. Users can share one of his earpieces with someone else to have a natural conversation in different languages using the Pilot app. The earpiece relies on the app (via Bluetooth) for things like ASR or TTS.

    You can check Pilot Speech Translator on the App Store. More information on the Waverly Labs website.

  • Epiderm

    Epiderm is a telemedicine platform, specialized in dermatology. The app is based on a chatbot who helps the patient to build his medical case. Once it’s done, a dermatologist gives a personal medical advice and follow the situation for a 7 days.

    You can check Epiderm on the App Store (only in French). More information on the Epiderm website.

  • Hosco

    Hosco is the world’s leading hospitality social network. It's like LinkedIn, but specialized for hospitality professionals. I help them to make the transition between a legacy version and a major refactor of their iOS App.

    You can check Hosco on the App Store. More information on the Hosco website.

  • Happywait

    Happywait is a platform that helps real-estate promoters creating a link between their projects and their clients. The app stand as a customer center for people who bought their apartment or house off plan. All the documents, the evolution of the construction site, and the ability to chat with professionals, are gathered in one place.

    More information on Happywait's website. This project has been made in partnership with Monoqle.

  • Noviscore

    Noviscore is the online piano score specialist. The iPhone/iPad application allows pianists to bring their sheet music everywhere (even offline). They can print it or listen to audio samples.

    You can download Noviscore on the App Store. More information on Noviscore's website.

  • EDF

    EDF is the French public electricity provider. This application has been developed for the Research and Development department. It allows professional customers to create a dashboard correlating business indicators and energy expenses.

    If you want to know more about this project, feel free to contact me. This project has been made in partnership with Monoqle for the design.